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With the right story, anyone can raise their profile... 

Stories are the most powerful tool for raising brand awareness - it is stories that engage journalists and potential customers rather than strong brand credentials. Think about listening to a news report, if the story is important to you or resonates, you will tell someone else. However, when passing that information on you will remember key elements of the story but may struggle to recall details such as the names of people involved or dates.


Unlike advertising, great PR is about encouraging people to spread your story without paying them to. It makes their opinion and endorsement more credible.



Great communications is about ensuring you are making the most of your stories and all the positive press and endorsement your brand receives. Don't create something great and leave it to disappear. Use your own communication channels, including your website, social media, brochures and email newsletters to ensure your stories engage as many people as possible. It will also help people who have heard about you from other sources to find you. 

I create the content and plans to help you make the most of your news and keep the conversation going. 

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