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In 2023, I left my agency role to set up as an independent communications consultant.


Where it all began... 

My first impressions of PR came from TV and film characters such as Jerry Maguire and Sex and the City's Samantha Jones but they were soon influenced by work experience in the press office of a London Borough Council.


Since then, I have spent most of my career in PR and marketing agencies and headed both B2B and consumer accounts for international brands including DFDS and JDE Coffee. Managing communications for NHS services gave me insight into the public sector and I have also supported start-ups and individuals to build their media presence. Ultimately though, I have always understood the power of reputation has when it comes to sales and brand awareness.

Working closely with clients means I grow with them and become their biggest advocate...


My role is to get under a brand's skin and understand what makes them and their customers tick. I act as a true extension of my clients'  teams and adapt my working style to suit their needs. Whether they need copywriting, consultancy, press coverage or simply someone to present their results to the team, I'm there. I continue to evolve how I work in line with client needs and the ever-changing media landscape.  


Living and breathing a client's organisation also leaves an impression on me. As a self-confessed sugar addict, coordinating trade communications for Mars Wrigley and Callebaut Chocolate proved dangerous for my waistline - thankfully a personal training client inspired my love of kettlebell HIIT. Handling celebrity launches for Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor and a TOWIE star's Prosecco brand ensures I always have a lipstick in my handbag in case the need for glamour arises.

Professionalism, practicality and personality...

My varied career, curiosity and elephantine memory means my knowledge spans everything from ferries and hydrogen vans to catering supply chains and teaching coding, which makes me a great addition to a pub quiz team!

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